Thursday, May 13, 2010

Good and Bad!

yeahh! fnally.. i got my confirmation of resignation! ;)

i never wish that my last day is also my birthday too.. huhu..

hopefully i got my full bonus+point.. and also more OT for the last week(nxtweek)
more money mor fun la!(*chipsmore?) ;D..

hrmm.. dat is da good news la..
da bad+sad news, i will miss all my ML frens so damnly aftr diz.. i have make a really wrong decision when filling the UPU form.. i suppose to choose d "ASASI" on the 1st option.. but ive put it on da 3rd.. ;(

n i still wondering why my prnts didnt want me to go to da matrix.. they rather choose da longway for me than da shortcut.. ;(. but i hope there will be a wisdom of choosing the Diploma studies. HOPEFULLY!

fyi, i got matrix on Negeri Sembilan(wak, caer, amir nq, erham, dll..)
and also UiTM Segamat for the UPU(no one of Majestic Legacy members)(exsnior-paca n ndzirah)
i have a same course with paca(Computer Science)

hrmm.. sometimes, it make me upset when thinking of my poor decision making..

but i need to be tough! n i need support from my family n my frens..

Sometimes…you really have to leave it to FATE...

*sorry for da poor english! ;D


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