Saturday, May 21, 2011


Assalamualaikum and heyy guys!

Current mood: Uneasy.
Current song: Half Of My Heart - John Mayer ft. Taylor Swift.

i've thinking about this post last night due to i have no intention to sleep. but at last, i forced myself to sleep because it was 3:00AM. haha. ;D.

okayh okayhh. before i get forgot what i'm going to write, let's begin here. . .

They scared at you! ;D

afraid? afraid of making decision which could potentially lead to changes or in the other words is afraid of changes? this fear will most probably make you going nowhere. because when you're afraid, there is no changes that you'll make ryte? then you'll find difficulties in making decision due to the uncertainties.
so, what's the right solution to overcome it? i just find one and i think it's the right one.
here is the solution to find the solution,
start spending a few minutes, think what is the worst possible outcome, and then find solution(s) to that outcome.

have a try. and in the end, you'll notice that there's really nothing to be afraid of. that is because you've find the solution. and when you know there's is nothing to be afraid of, what are you waiting for? just keep going and do it. you only pass it once in a life time.

so how about the pass? what you need to do is forget it. just take all the goods from all the bads. if you close your heart, how can you know joy? if you're always protecting yourself, just in case someone will hurt you again, how will you find the love you admire? well, these are just my thoughts. with the hope by this, it will help you a lot to overcome your problem.

it's not just about love, it's also related to all situations of afraid, or uncertainties.
okayhh, i am going to stop by here. and i feel there were something that still left behind because i've think a lot last night. but, thats okayhh. perhaps all of these are just well enough. :)

if you feel this post is not help you at all, well, take your time, analyze all the contents, and give your comment(s) or suggestion(s). i really don't mind at all. :)

I am more scared, when you still scared.
I am scared if i'll make you 
scared again in return.
Thus, we both get scared and
found a dead end.
So, don't be scared.
By that i'll never scared.

eventhough i think, scared is nothing

well, that's all folks! see YOU again in the next post. :)
Adiouszx and Wassalamun alaik.


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