Thursday, May 5, 2011


Salam and heyy. :)

Current song: Coming Home.
Current mood: Read my title!

Bored. yes bored! not boar! -..-

Today, my life is kinda boring. ;O. i dont know why.
even when typing for this post, i dont have mood.(forcing myself to do so)
ahhaa. well, maybe just because of sleep deprivation. nahhh.
no moods, even a mood.
i think there's no smile yet at my face for today. so, anybody can make me smile? please please pleaseee :(.

and why i feel so damnly hot for this all day long?
global warming? nahh. i dont think so. haha.


yeahh. you might think that im laughing here ryte? no no and nooo. how come i could laugh while im not smile yet? 'HAHA' is just a word. just playing around with it.

hrmm. well, nothing else i can say. im hoping that tomorrow will do bettter than today. and i wonder i'll have a great friday for tomorrow, n not a last friday! inshaAllah.

heyy. ever watch 500 Days of Summer?
owhh. no? pity you! ahhaa. actually, so do i.
haha. i just read this quote from my dude, Fizzy.

so, here it goes,

"A guy and girl can be just friends, but at one point or another, they will fall for each other. Maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe forever."

so, what's your opinion? ahhaa. this is not a BEL class kayhh.
kindly leave comment(s). really appreciate it. thanks for reading. :)

see you in the next post.
byeee. n salam.


  1. citer versi omputih ke korea? cam best je....

  2. well . something about the quote . I agree with that quote . that's something definitely will happen .

  3. @cikAna: omputih. try la google yee.

    @blue milo: ahhaa. yupp. i feel the same thing too.

  4. whyy ? you're experiencing that right now ? What makes you feel so empty today ?

  5. @blue milo: noo. every single of us might experiencing that thingy.

  6. what thingy ? feeling empty or having some sort of feelings for your friend who turns out to be a girl ?

  7. err. idk. im not analyze it yett.

  8. take your time . :)
    finalize everything .

  9. its too late...


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