Saturday, May 14, 2011

Im Back!

Assalamualaikum and heyy. :)

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okayhh. i just got back from 4 days and 3 nights in Taman Pertanian Malaysia, Shah Alam.
why? well, im participating the COMPASS Team Bulding.

soo, what were happen during the 4 days there?

ahhaa. now i'm going to tell you. . .

1st day(Tuesday)
-going there with my father. guess what? kitorang sesat dekat bukit jelutong. haha. but finally sampai jugak laa lepas sesat sampai ke Klang. -.-
-sampai2 je, ramai yang tak sampai lagi(bus uitm) n ayah pulak need to leave me. then, stay la with Rokiah, Rabiah, their father and Azmina until all the participants arrived.(im the only guy from Part 2. -.-)
-quite relax because im just a photographer. haha.
-grouped along with Hidayat, Abby, Nani, n Aini. (Gimme 5!!! ;D)
-used to be a Sentry.
*Best: Ice Breaking.

2nd day(Wednesday)
-came late to aerobic.(sorry Faci. ;D)
-tak cukup tidur, so, i forced myself to be hyper! hee.(rugi kalau tak hyper. nanti ngantok+tak dapat input)
-canoeing also was great! :) first time kott. huhu.
-got task to make paperwork for the next sem's PC Maintenance event.
-the first to present the paperwork.
*Best: Canoeing. :).

3rd day(Thursday)
-the toughest day perhaps, maybe because of yesterday of the day tired not really flatten.
-got a BBQ. pehh. superbb! huhu.(sambil tengok persembahan each group)
Best: Explorace

4th day(Friday)
-last day - no activity(suppose, we have a career visit at KLCC)
-breakfast? noo.
-balik tumpang bus UiTM, then diorang nak singgah SACC japp.
-lunch? Big Apple's Donut jee. thanks kak Akma! :)
-balik sendiri dengan Imran, via Bus + LRT(1st time guna TnG by IC)
-sampai rumah, kemas barang, then tidur. (tak sempat makan)

Everyday = Swimming laaa! :)

conclusion for the 4th day, i didn't eat something that heavy until NOW! -.-
because i've slept for about half day. huhu. what can i do? just wait for the lunch meal laa. haha.

Overall conclusion?
this program was so superb as for me. lot of inputs gained. and now ive knew each person Pros n Cons. by that i can know how to work with. we are in TEAM! :)

hrmm. i think, thats all for now. . .

I always have time for you!
And always ready to spend it.

Thats all folks!
Adiouszx and Wassalamun alaik! :)


  1. terbaik doe..!

  2. ahhaa. tu laa. kalau kau jadi exco lagi terbaik doo. huhu

  3. aha......terbaek3...nak lagi ye event cmni!!=)

  4. ahhaa. yupp. tunggu next 2 sem laa. huhu.

  5. nk jeles boleh tk ?
    jeles jeles jeles jeles !

  6. haha. jeles jee. hrmm. nanti komander buat la macamtu jugak. :)

  7. terbaik dowh..
    tejun dr tower terbaik..
    marco polo jgn dilupe... haha

  8. haha. betul doo. terbaik! hrnn. lepas marco polo, balun kambing pulak. ;D


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