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It's a cycle!

Assalamualaikum. . .
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Algorithm. yuppp. algorithm. :)

still remember what's the definition of A.L.G.O.R.I.T.H.M?

okayhh. lets go back to first semester of Computer Science, subject - CSC118,

ehem ehemmm. . .

Algorithm = step-by-step problem solving process.

*CSC118 adalah subject bagi kami, students Dip. Comp. Science, ketika semester 1.  harap maklum :)

we have learnt to write pseudocode and sketching the flow chart.ahhaa. now you remember ryte? ;)

and why i keep typing this word?
ahhaa. actually im trying to relate that term with that title.

almost everything is related with algorithm kann? i mean something like studies, friendships, relationships, and so on laa.

okayhh. in algorithm, basically we have terms such as 'Begin', 'If', 'Else If'', 'While', and 'End'.

hrmm. here are what had came up from my mind, based on my understanding. kinda simple, but try to understand deeper kayhh.
keep reading guys! :)

Begin Life
- Life, consists of studies, families, friendships, and relationships.

While (Life != "Great")
get Problem.

If (Problem == "Studies")
remove all pressures, study smart, extra studies, remember our parents!
- Life = "Great"

If (Problem == "Friendships")
- apologize, forgive and forget, be happy go lucky.
- Life = "Great"

If (Problem == "Relationships")
- trust, always be patient, respect each other.
- Life = "Great"

End Life
-life will ends if and only if when you are die
-so, anything happens, whether it is good or bad, life must go on guys! :)

actually, there's still a lot of things need to be included in every single of 'If'(so that they will become nested if!). but i think it would be more complicated. so, i just simplify them.

soooo, cant you see the cycle when you are still alive?

**Functions are used to smooth the program. and also makes the program looks more systematically.
so, why dont you try to applicate them in our daily life?

Continuously (Prayers + Efforts) = Success

andd, ALWAYS remember and believes in Allah. Everything happens for a reason.
Sesungguhnya, Allah itu Maha Mengetahui apa yang Dia lakukan.

"If you wait too long for the perfect moment, 
the perfect moment itself will pass through you." =)

That's all folks!
See YOU again in the next post! :)

Adiouszx and, Salam alaik.


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