Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day?

Assalamualaikum n heyyooo! :)

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yess. today is mother's day since it is stated in the Malaysia's calendar. okayhh. HARAM ke TAK sambut mothers day ni?

jap ehhh. hrmm. since today is Mother's Day, sooo. . . .

Dear mom, we wish we could tell you,
How much you mean to us. . .
But there are no words to describe,
The greatnesses of your patience and tolerance,
How much we thank you,
How much we admire you,
For everything you've done.
We Love You Most!

ahhaa. okayhh. back to the main point.
in Islam, we are required to honor our parents at all times. but not only limited to certain days only ryte?

ada orang kata, sambut hari ibu, sama macam sambut hari ibu kepada tuhan. yupp. that is what the Greek did in a very long time ago. but now,  i think they didn't. kott. huhu.

hrmm. its okayh. in my opinion laa, kita boleh je nak sambut hari ibu ni. sebab apa yang kita sambut tu, menunjukkan kita menghargai ibu kita. bukannya kita melanggar hukum syariat kann? takde la kita sembah benda2 yang tak patut kann?

lagipun, bagus jugak sebenarnya ada hari ibu ni. kenapa? sebab, maybe there are 3% of people around the world have problem(s) with their mother respectively. and when the Mother's Day has came, for sure they would see families, which are the 97%,  celebrating the day with their beloved mother. so, from that, those 3% of people's hearts most probably will be touched. then, diorang pun akan teringatkan ibu diorang dan akan pergi meminta maaf.
and what would happen to the 3% of people, if this Mother's Day doesn't exist?

hrmm. tapi! jangan la kita, bila da hari ibu je, baru kita nak luahkan yang kita ni sayang kat ibu/mama/emak/ so on.. thats mean, ibu kita akan rasa dihargai, setahun sekali la ehh? tak pun dua kali laa, including her birthday? it shouldn't have to be like that actually. kan bagus kalau kita hari2 menghargai ibu kita. kan kan kann? ;)

and i am absolutely sure that you, you and YOU, do love your mother so much isn't it?
do get your mother, and all what you need is just to express all the things inside your heart. and don't forget! keeps praying, praying and praying.

bagi sesiapa yang telah kehilangan ibu, takpee. don't be so sad. kirimkan doa yee. :)

okayhh. i think i should stop right here.

When you love someone and you see them with somebody else, you know they don't love that person as much as you do!

*i always give you hints! :)

So, thats all folks!
Adiouszx, Wassalamun alaik!


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