Monday, May 9, 2011

Numbers in my life.

Assalamualaikum n hyeeee. :)

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N.U.M.B.E.R.S not equal to NUMB-ers. LoL. haha.
the real fact is, i love numbers. :). and sometimes i love to play with them. :D. weird? haha.

9, 14, 23 are the most related numbers with me n my life. :)

okayh. for the '9',

hrmm. still remember your UPSR, PMR, and SPM punya angka giliran? if so, just want to share mine.

UPSR - BD1211016
if you summed up all the numbers without the repetition number, you will get 9 ryte?
i mean 1 is the repetition number, so i just picked it once. 
1+2+6 = 9. 

PMR - BE033K039
okayhh. for this, the last number is 9 ryte? and if you summed all the 3s, you'll get 9 too right?

SPM - BE033A012
and for this one, you just summed up all the numbers, and you must get 9 too
3+3+1+2 = 9.

so how about 14?

ahhaa. 14 ni, ceritanya macam ni. dari dulu memang minat number ni. tak tahu kenapa. huhu. and, tyme dekat SEMASHUR dulu, almost setiap tahun, kedudukan nama in class(alphabetically order), is 14. 
secondly is our batch code. 0509 rocks! haha. 9+5 = 14? ahhaaa. thats it.

okayh. lets move to the '23'.

Firstly is because of my birth date, which is on 23rd of May. *nak dekat dahh. ;p* but not only me. my father, on 23rd of June and while my first elder sister, on 23rd of July. 23(May, June, July). hrmm. what a good combination rytre? ;D
Secondly, my phone number(celcom) ends with these two numbers. prove? 013-*****23. :)
Thirdly, i love to set my mp3's volume to 23. ;D

ohh wait. lets see what my Student's Number has. the last 6 numbers in my Student's Number are 2,7,5,3,4 and 2. so i divide them into two, 275 and 342. 
so, lets find the total for each half. :)
2+7+5 = 14, and 3+4+2 = 9.

and lastly is my IC number, 920523-14-***9
its the combination of all my the numbers that related to me! haha.

*so, how about 1-4-3? it's seems to be a general knowledge ryte? haha.
yess, 1-4-3. :)

ahhaaa. sorry if this post makes you feel bored. becaus its all about me and my life. but, why not if you try to find yours! any related number(s) in your life? i think you should have! :)

hrmm. i think thats all for now.

Will i ever make you mine or will you always be a memory i fail to erase?

okayhh. thats all folks!
see YOU in the next post. ;)

Adiouszx and Wassalamun alaik. :)


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