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Assalamualaikum and heyy! :)

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hey heyy. this post is not about 'zombies' thingy kayhh. so, dont be scared! haha.
it has no relations with Zombie vs Plants, Zombi Kampung Pisang and so on too. :D

it's all about Otak a.k.a Brainsssss. ahhaa. soo, have you ever heard Tony Buzan? i think you haven't heard that name right?
act, i do know him when PM Syed Omar discussed the BEL's past sem question.
it was a quite long passage about him. and i've attracted with it!
fyi, Anthony Peter Buzan(real name) is a proponent of the techniques of mind mapping and mental literacy(Brain Power). one of his book entitled 'Use Both Sides of Your Brain'
more info? go google-ing laa! hee.


ahahh. as we all known, there are two sides of brain, left and right. a great person will use both sides of the brain in almost all situations.
but we are usually just using one side instead. including me. huhu. so, we're not great enough la kann? hee.

soo, here is a link if you wanna Learn How To Use Both Sides of Your Brain. :)

Functions of each side.

well, let see which side i'm using most. :)

1st- Uses logic(Left)
2nd- Detail oriented(Left)
3rd- Imagination rules(Right)
4th- Symbols and images(Right)
5th- Present and future(Right)
6th- Math and science(Left)
7th- Can 'Get It'(Right)
8th- Knowing(Left)
9th- Appreciate(Right)
10th- Order/Pattern perception(Left)
11th- Knows object name(Left)
12th- Reality based(Left)
13th- Present possibilities(Right)
14th- Practical(Left)
15th- Safe(Left)

*fuhhh. finally done. susah jugak nak fikir

Based on the above, ratio of left-sided to right-sided is, 9 : 6
ahahh. i am more to left-brained! :). soo, how bout you? have a try guyss! :)

heyy. i have a game for you to play. it's so, so and soo challenging. even nampak macam senang jee. ;)
soo, try this yaa!


soo, how was it? hehe.
now you know a bit how your brain works. :)

i think, thats all for now. lagi panjang kang lagi pening pulak korang nanti. huhu.

When people appear in your dreams,
it's because that person
wants to see you.
and yes i do.

Thats all folks! see YOU in the next post! :)
Adiouszx and Wassalamun alaik!


  1. Sebijik macam dari aku jek bai. tapi aku 7:7. ahaaa.

  2. yekee? haha. aku amik gambar jee kott. hoho. mana lagi satu doo? ada 15 kan?

  3. hu? 15 ea? aku review 14 je. nt kau usyar la sendiri kat pos lame2 aku. ahaaa.

  4. baguslah naim ini, bnyk input !!! :D


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