Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Putus asa?

Salam and helloo again! :)

Putus asa = give up, despair and so on laa.
for sure, kita semua bencikan 'benda' ni, betul? ada ke orang suka berputus asa? as for me, i dont think so! :)
and for sure, it is so hard to run away from it.

perasan tak tyme kita tengah buat apa2 kerja, bila tiba2 sangkut sikit, kita akan 'menghasilkan' bunyi "ah malas la aku" or "lantak kau laa" or also "aku dah tak boleh dah, redha je lahh".
kan kan kann? ehh, bukan? err. sorry la kalau bukan ehh. huhu.
hrmm. and then we are trying to remove all the things that related to, away from us. (problem kat Billion, kalau boleh nak campak dekat White House) -.-

Heyy. every problem has a solution ryte? so, try to find it. it's not going anywhere. :)

let say if YOU fail or lost hope in something that you are hoping to, did you think wisely on what you'll get if you stop doing the things that will give you benefits? and did you ever think what you'll get if you continue on doing that?

ahhaa. okayhh. dont be so worry friends. it's still not too late to change it back guys. trust me. never ever give up kayhh. :)

"aku dah try macam2 dah, tapi tak lepas jugak"      haa. ni kes agak berat nii. sure da try macam2? and, yang 'try macam2' tu macamana korang try? sepenuh jiwa dan raga(pewhh)? or . . . .?
fikirkan balik kawann. try to analyze it closely. still being a problem? go to find your friends and ask them for help.
friends helping friends kann? i think, this is a serious matter. kalau da last2 minute baru nak mintak tolong, tak guna jugak kann. jangan la mudah terpengaruh yee. kalau da set nak study, jangan tengok kawan main game(DOTA ke),  kita pun nak join jugak. takpun kalau taknak join, buat benda lain sambil tunggu member tu habis main. if we just depend on friends, we are not going anywhere and at last, you and your friends will stuck together and facing a dead-end. so, jangan ikut kawan. kita buat benda yang betul, n ajak diorang ikut kita. so, semua inshaAllah selamat kann? :)

pernah cakap kat sorang member ni:
"aku yakin kau boleh buat. kalau aku boleh, kenapa kau tak boleh?"

n he/she replied:
"kau tu 'gifted', boleh la cakap macam tuu!"

ohoohoiiii. salah tu dekk. there is no excuse for not being successful in certain things. aku tak rasa pun aku ni gifted ke apa. tapi yang penting aku bersyukur laa. hrmm. but if you say there is some excuses that exist, now listen, those excuses are actually driving you towards  failure. hrmm. instead of trying to persevere in finding ways to continue achieving a target or a mission, some of us most probably will prefer to excuses. heyy, nooo. please throw away all those excuses. dont ever let them becoming a part of us. all we need are solutions and passions. solutions do help us to overcome those problems, while passions give us spirit to never ever give up easily. andd, say no to bad influences and thoughts and give a fabulous hello to the good one.

but, i you are really meant to give up, well, it's okayh. giving up doesn't always mean you are weak. sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go. :) 

heyy. how about love? it is the same thing goes to love laa. and i've attracted to this quote:

ask me why i keep on loving you when it's clear that you don't feel the same way for me. the problem is that as much as i can't force you to love me, i cant force myself to stop loving you. 

ahhaa. see. the quote also shows that in love we mustn't give up too easily. believes in yourself, and yourself will believes you! :)

i think, thats all for now. kalau tulis panjang2 pun bosan pulak kann. to anyone who have problem(s), just share it with your friends. haaa.  me also can maa. hehe.

okayhh. see you again in the next post.
thats all folks!
byee n salam. :)


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