Thursday, June 16, 2011

Assalamualaikum and heyy!

Current mood: Undefined(Negative)
Current song: Ignorance

what why what why what why?

what's going on? and why it's going? i just can't understand it. every steps that i've took and every moves that i've made, makes me feel VERY doubt. Did all the steps and moves make you feel comfortable? or make you feel trapped instead? okayhh. just wanna gives you some options. . .

kindly to choose one! :)

1- everyone better without me
2- me is better without anyone
3- you are better with everyone
4- you are better without me
5- all the above

i think five just well enough. the fewer, the easier to choose right? or you may add yours.
maybe you are more feel easy when with your friends rather than with me. so, i do give you space and time.

i've think too much. i think i'm the man who's stucked. and the sad character of a box office rated movie.
did myself changed a lot? i dont think so.
but did yourself changed a lot? i think there is changes. not a change, but again, changes.

a good friend of me told me: "stop thinking a lot. just think positives."
okayhh. first of all, thanks dude! yeahh. indeed dude! i used to. but i know those situations. and i think, i'm right. but not too right. i always have considerations. again, ALWAYS. but i think, i should get some considerations too ryte?

then, he told me: "just relax. if you think much, you'll suffer."
yeahh. you are so right. but i just cant avoid myself from being thinking a lot. i am the person who like to think. and yes i currently a bit suffering right here. and sometimes i feel i am so damnly stupid and bored!

based on my observation, you've change a lot. i have no intention to hurt your feeling at all. NEVER!
serba salah pulak. takut terlalu memaksa.
dan takut terlalu membiarkan. i dont know what's the next step. i just keep myself stronger and stronger as the time goes by.
lastly, sorry for everything that're wrong from me, and thanks for all the rights from you.

again, I AM TOTALLY HAVE NO INTENTION TO HURT YOU. but if i do, i am SORRY! :)

let this post just a motivational session. for you, me, and the others who are related too. :)

thanks for lending your senses, i think i should stop here. :D

Adiouszx and wassalamun alaik! :)


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