Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tentang. . .

Assalamualaikum and heyy.

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this post is credited to a person, YOU. it's all about you from my side of view. i'll tell all the truth, since the first time i met, until now on. so, tolong baca dan fahamkanlah elok2 yee. :).

ehem ehemm. so, lets start here.

FIRST TIME kenal, time part2. first class(CSC138), duduk kat belakang dengan botak. and time tu tak kenal lagi 'a good friend of me' yang mengaku safee sali. -.-'. and sorry lupa 'dye' duduk kat mana. huhu. tapi tahu nama tyme sesi kenalkan diri sorang2 laa. and start from that day, kalau perasan, setiap hari tegur. even just panggil nama jee. and one thing that i realized at the first sight, you like to laugh and smile. senang cerita, ceria selalu laa. haha. and that makes you so Cute and i like that. :).

and im trying to know you more. sehingga la da approve friends kat facebook hari ke tiga kuliah(malam). first post, macam biasa laa. 'Thanks Add...' and satu post tu je da menghasilkan sebanyak 190 comments! haha. tapi selama 11 hari laa. tapi sekarang, total comments da jadi 236. huhu. and kalau perasan, sebanyak-banyak comments tu, im not using the two words which is 'kau' and 'aku' even you were using that words. :). tapi tyme kat class, guna jugak those 'two words'. huhu.
*conclusion, im trying to know you well. due to the attraction that belongs to you. :)

ahahh. lupa nak bagitahu tadi. actually, i'm accidentally memorized your phone number. dari mana dapat? ahhaa. ada laa. ;). alang2 da ingat tu, save je la dalam phone. :D. and you don't believe that i have your phone number when you ask for my phone number(refer the comments). huhu. and i started to text you. on phone pun i'm prefer not to use the 'two words' like i have mentioned above. and until somewhen, i heard that you're with someone. so, terpaksa la kurangkan sikit rasa minat tuu. -.-. kurangkan yee. bukan buang. huhu. tu yang jarang message sekejap. tapi, lama2 contact balik. ;D.

err. pendekkan cerita, sampai la time study week. to be specific, tyme study algebra laa. sorry tyme kat library tak dapat ajar sangat sebab otak da penat. huhu. and i keep bear in my mind about the incident happens at the night before the algebra paper. :). start from that, i feel glad and so easy to contact you. thats why i am frequently text-ing you. until now. :). ahhaa. you should know that, you are the person that i contact the most. the prove is in my inbox. so, if im not text-ing you, my phone becomes so so and sooo silent. and sometimes, i'm waiting you to text me first. but memandangkan da sunyi kann, so better that i start it first.

and till NOW, seriously i've NEVER change the feeling towards you. i keep it for about 7 months. and i'm not bored with that but feeling good instead. :). and i also have a secret that ive keep almost 2 months in my phone. it makes me feel peaceful when in pressure and also when bored. dan ianya berkaitan dengan anda. :).
and seriously i have no intention to play or hurt you at all. yupp. no intention at all! i'm the best i can be. and that's the reality. :D.

so, this post is for you. like i told you recently right? so, tersampai juga hasrat. kalau tak faham, mohon tanya la yee. :D. so, i think, thats all for now. wait for the next post kayhh! ;).

If you fall, i will 'catch' you.
And i'll be waiting.
-so please fall now. :)-

thanks for reading, and see YOU again in the next post kayhh. :)
Adiouszx and wassalamun alaik!


  1. sape nieyy bro ? HAAAAAAAAAAAAa

  2. jangan tunggu lama - lama. hati tercalar, jiwa merana nanti. Do your best la ye.

  3. ni kittel k ni ??? argh...kaki jiwang rupenye.....

  4. jija: ahahh. ada laa.
    fizzy: ahahh. yupp. i knew it.
    hilmy: im flexible and awesome! :)

  5. try run to get her ok .gud luck !

  6. AMBOI naim. hahaha...lawak pon ade gak..sweet pon ade gak ..hahaha. good luck :D

  7. cam zaman exam spm dulu eh..kau calling2

  8. dont loose hope bro..
    stay still..
    penantian tak selalu menyakitkan..
    sabar adalah segalanya..
    pecaya ckp akoo kayh..
    i've been there


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