Friday, July 15, 2011


Assalamualaikum and heyy readers!

Current Song: Please Don't Go - Mike Posner.
Current Mood: Revovery.

Please don't go! yupp. that's the song that im currently listening to.
Recovery! yupp. that's what im currently feel.

it is a coincidence. yeahh. KEBETULAN yang betul. the coincidence between the current song + the current mood, and the current situation that im currently facing.(wahh. mendalam!)

*well, this should be a quite short post from me.

it's been almost A WEEK that im suffering the 'elephant in my stomach'. went penawar to meet the doctor. and he gave me an injection + 3 tablets + 2 liquids. i try pretending like there's nothing happens to me. but i think i should prefer not to be pretending anymore. i have no any ideas why this happen to me. nobody's here ever know the true story of this suffer. but i've told my parents. suddenly, i accidentally messaged wrong 'mother'. i realized my mistake when the report stated that the message was delivered to. . . .. haha. mungkin sebab tak dapat nak fikir dengan betul. sekarang dalam proses nak baik. tolonglah takde muntah2 lagi. haihh. -.-

actually i got a tip to overcome the stomach-ache. i got it from "a good friend of me".

and his tip was:
drink coke or pepsi(carbonated drinks)
logically it's true. but, i choose not to try this because i'm not so like to drink the carbonated drinks.
*lagipun, ni bukannya masuk angin.

so, any other tips? just leave it/them in the comment box, and don't forget to submit! :D

okayhh. im gonna stop right now before this post is getting longer. ;D
and again, Please Don't Go! :'). i almost arrive the right place at a right time.

To share jokes with a person,
while deep inside what really want to share
are the feelings.

-waiting for the right moment

That's all folks! thanks for reading. see YOU again in the next post kayhh.
Adiouszx, Wassalamun alaik! :)

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