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Assalamualaikum and hey readers!

Current mood: Happy kott. :)
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heyy buddies! today, I'm going to share with YOU (and with the others as well) about SMS, instead of telling you about my daily routine, again. -.-. okayh, nak specific kan lagi, lets go to the style of SMS-ing(im preferring the "text-ing" term). well, based on my research and observation, there are lot of text-ing style that can be pointed up. but for now, I'm going to share MY style of text-ting people what does every term mean. and for next post, there might be the post about the OTHERS style of text-ing me. let me investigate it deeper kayhh! :D

okayhh. here you are!

*Attention: Results may / may not be accurate.


1st, "hehe" 
- biasanya digunakan bila ada unsur gurauan. tapi kadang-kadang untuk menyampaikan sesuatu yang serious tu dalam bentuk semi-serious.(ini Serious!).
-biasanya kalau ada :D, mesti ada hehe.

2nd, "huhu"
- rasanya selalu guna term ni. it shows that I'm in neutral mood(more to happy laa).

3rd, "haha" 
- digunakan bila ada sesuatu yang kelakar and patut gelak.
- shows that I'm happy! :)

4th, "ahhaa" 
- actually pengganti kepada haha. tapi bila level of happy tu rendah sikit laa. huhu.
- kadang-kadang untuk paksakan diri untuk happy bila marah or sedih.

5th, "hrmm" 
- penyedap or penghias message. :D.

6th, "yelaa"
- biasanya untuk kasi chance kat penerima laa. hehe. (malas nak lawan balik).
- biasanya, mesti ada hrmm.

7th, "err"
- bila tak sure dengan sesuatu perkara.

8th, "uishh"
- biasanya terkeluar bila risau.
- kadang-kadang bila takpercaya.

9th, "haishh"
- biasanya bila geram laa.

10th, kalau takde semua di atas
-kalau banyak soalan > shows my curiosity towards the recipient or towards something.
-kalau takde soalan + pendek > takde mood(punca: biasanya penerima).

11th, kalau semua kat atas ni ada, or banyak yang ada
- I'm super happy! hehe. :D

11 je cukup? cukup laa. tak payah lebih-lebih. -.-. kalau nak tahu lagi, tanya la sendiri yee. hehe.

additional info: I don't like too short message. no matter the message I receive or the message that i sen

so, anyone wanna share yours? meh la share yee. jangan nak segan-segan sangat laa! haha.
okayhh. i think, this would be the end of this post. so, I'm gonna stop by here! :)

Assumption No.2:
Text-ing is one of the way
to tell that you are missing him/her.
*Also depends on the pleasure and how frequent it is.

-Feeling so glad when you text me. Esp. when you're the starter. :)

okayhh. that's all folks. thanks for lending some of you senses!
see YOU again in the next post! :)
Adiouszx, wassalamun alaik!


  1. ada adaa. lupa pulak. -.-
    HOHO - biasanya pengganti the words "Fuiyoo"(lebih kurang kagum laa)

    thanks la wehh! :)


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