Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Everything's gonna be alright.

Assalamualaikum and heyy.

Current mood: Miss.
Current song: So Far Away - A7X.

sementara menunggu waktu buka puasa ni, elok la kita isi masa yang terluang dengan baca quran kee. tapi kalini, update blog je laa. :D.

okayhh. this post is not dedicated to everyone. but it's to someone. so, if you feel bored, dislike, or you feel that this post is annoying, you may stop read. or simply just press the key "Ctrl" + "W". thank you. :)


even this post gonna be short, but I think it's meaningful and there's a lot of  explicit contents.

yupp. rindu.
serta risau. even baru dua hari.
but I still thinking positively.
why? because I'm confident that there's nothing going to be happened. and everything is going to be fine. like usually does.
just keeps praying. and I will always pray for your health and safety. I will help as much as I can.
but the only thing that I can do right now is just messaging or calling.
because it's currently in lecture week. if it's not, I will visit you there. even it would be just a few minutes. inshaAllah by this weekends. but I'm hoping that all the things could be done earlier there. as earlier as possible.
so that it would be just a few things that need to be recovered then. even I always have time to help you in anything. especially in studies.

okayhh. I'm going to stop right now. well, tak kisah pun kalau lambat baca post yang ni.
before that, the fact is: your last message was at the 143rd in my inbox. :)

Assumption No. 8:
I wonder that
by a smile 
can makes you fell better.

-So, I will give you infinite smiles! :)

okayhh. that's all for now. even there's a lot of thing still left unwritten. due to the the break a fast time is coming. so, just get well soon and I always do pray for your health! :).

That's all folks!
Adiouszx and, salam alaik.


  1. err. balik hari je la kott. kalau sempat, singgah la rumah kejap. why?

  2. ouh ... :)
    kalau sempat balik laa .
    aku pun balik time raya nnt jea

    I have added cool emoticons to this message.
    To see them go to http://x.exps.me?530ae1936422b13175956e11f74dfcab

  3. okayhh. i will. raya nanti aku kat rumah je laa. tak balik kampung pun.

  4. sometimes when you are playing with love.you will get hurt back


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