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Assalamualaikum and heyy dude and dudettes!

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hrmm. last update was on Sept. 15th. haihhh. almost a month I didn't updating this blog. so it becomes so deserted and solitary. actually it's because I have no mood, even time to update this blog. yupp. for me, to update blog, it requires mood. no mood, no blog. haha. :P. and also must have time. but, it's currently in final exam weeks! so, my free time is so so and soooo limited. my blog defines my situation kayhh. ;)
*and now I decide to update a simple post to avoid this blog becomes kinda abandoned. ;p

well, Alhamdulillah, I've done with 5 papers. BEL, CTU, ECO, JAVA, and Calculus II. The paper that I'm most satisfied with was the JAVA paper. but the paper that I'm not satisfied with was Calculus II. there were 3 or 4 questions that eventually make me feels like I'm stupid. but I think, it worth my efforts. I don't put enough effort for this paper. yeahh. I admit it. I just hope miracle will happen. and in the same time, I keep praying for it. and I feel like my GPA and even CGPA will drop again for this semester.

nahh. forget about it. past is past. now lets think positive and be optimistic. like Barney Stinson said, "When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead!". (lama tak tengok How I Met Your Mother. da Season 7 daa. -.-) yeahh. I'm not sad. I got nothing if I choose to be sad. so, I know I'm awesome. yess. I know it! :P
*at least aku confident.
so, lets learn from the past and improve ourselves to become better. kann?

so, this Sunday need to face the final paper for this sem, which is Multimedia. so, hopefully by the carry mark that I've got will help me to get A for that paper. and I also hope that I'm still full of guts to face this final paper due to the decreasing number of students here that likely gives impact to us, part 3 of DCS students. haha.

Ya Allah, permudahkanlah segala urusan dan amalanku pada hari ini,
hindarilah aku dari godaan syaitan serta perangkap2nya,
tingkatkanlah kefahaman ku, kuatkanlah ingatanku dan lancarkanlah pembelajaranku,
lapangkanlah dadaku yang sempit ini,
bersihkanlah hatiku yang kotor ini,
terangilah hatiku yang gelap ini,
lembutkanlah hatiku yang keras ini,
ringankan dan bukakanlah pintu hatiku ini,
agar aku mudah menerima apa yang aku pelajari
dan apa yang diajarkan kepadaku,
permudahkanlah aku untuk menjawab soalan dengan mudah,
andaikata aku lupa, ingatkanlah aku,
andaikata aku leka dan lalai, sedarkanlah aku,
andai kata aku mengantuk, segarkanlah aku,
andaikata aku buntu, tunjukanlah jalan.
permudahkanlah aku untuk mencapai keputusan yang cemerlang,
agar dapat mendorong aku mempunyai masa depan yang cerah,
serta untuk membantu keluargaku, 
terutamanya kedua ibubapaku yang telah banyak berkorban untukku.

. . . . .
(: tambahan :)
. . . . .

Amin, ya rabbal 'alamin.

well, this is just a part of my prayer to Allah in every time I pray. just want to share to all of you. I think that's all for now. need to focus to my last paper. see you right after the paper is answered. so, do wish me the best kayhh. 
and to all my friends that will be taking Multimedia exam this Sunday, I wish Good Luck to all of you. do our best for this last paper kahh! :)

Assumption No. 13:
I have no other special feeling
towards other girls,
right after I found you.

-because I think, you are the best choice. :)

so, that's all folks! thanks for reading this and,
see YOU in the next post kayhh. :)
Adiouszx and salam alaik!


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